Just made an account on Behance where I am going to release some projects beside my personal work. Have a look! Behance

Recently added some new photographies. Furthermore I bought a 50mm lens, which is very fun to work with. After some experimenting I am going to release the best shots.

Currently studying at University of applied sciences. Going to release my recent work soon.

Recently bought a new camera. Nikon D5100 it is. Going to release the best snapshots in a new section. Take it easy.

My design “moves” finally got printed and is now available in the Poolbar Style-shop. Check it out www.poolbar.at/shop/122

I am very glad to tell you that i accomplished the first place in the Poolbar Style-competition. Thanks to all my supporters!

Also attending in the Springfestival 2012 shirt competition (Zerum-Livestyle) My design is among the six best shirts.Thanks for support! http://www.zerum.at/competition/voting.html

Right now I´m participating in the ,,Poolbar Style-contest” and it´s looking pretty well so far. I want to thank you very much for supporting me and my shirt! www.poolbar.at